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Marital Therapy / Couples Counselling

One way in which we find meaning as humans is through our relationships. However, conflicts arise in every relationship. Ongoing relationship distress is harmful to each romantic partner’s mental and physical wellbeing, and in addition, can negatively impact the kids. Difficult conflict can lead to things being said that hurt us at our core. The growing emotional distance can leave us feeling like we are stranded on a boat in the middle of an ocean - desperate for connection, safety, and security. 

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy focused on helping a couple work through challenges, understand their relationship better, and develop healthier ways of relating to one another.

When to seek Marital Therapy / Couples Counselling:

  •  Feeling emotional distance or loneliness 

  • Feeling like you're falling out of love with your partner

  • Escalating conflict and nasty communication habits

  • Trust and commitment issues

  • Having the same argument over and over again without resolution 

  • Difficulties with in-laws, friendships, work, or life stressors including health issues

  • Differences in parenting styles that lead to conflict

  • Mismanagement and disagreement on finances

  • Managing unfaithfulness

  • Tackling a big life change (e.g., new job, moving to a new place, having a child) 

  • Feeling unsupported or dismissed and general difficulties opening up to or trusting your partner 

  • Lack of emotional or sexual intimacy 

  • Things feeling unfair (e.g., division of responsibilities in managing a household, unequal decision-making)

  • Setting a strong foundation before marriage

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