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Psychoeducational Testing / Clinical Assessments

If someone is having problems at work, school, or in their personal life, psychological tests and assessments can be a useful way to assess the nature of a problem and the best way to approach addressing the problem. At Better life, we have an extensive team of professionals that test for a variety of conditions including: 

  • Cognitive abilities (i.e., IQ Tests)

  • Attention issues (e.g., ADHD) 

  • Phonological abilities

  • Academic Achievement (e.g., Reading, writing, & arithmetic abilities)

An Assessment involves the planned use of interviews, observations and psychometric tests (e.g., questionnaires) to assess one's psychological functioning such as intellectual abilities and other cognitive skills (e.g., attention, executive functioning) and/or personality characteristics. 

What is an Assessment?

  • Can be used to identify and diagnose conditions (e.g., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities) that may be impacting an individual's functioning

  • Provides an understanding of an individual's strengths and weaknesses, which can guide treatment and support within clinical settings and outside (e.g., schools) that are catered to the individual's needs

Why are Assessments important?

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