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Family Therapy

Family, whether it is our biological family or the support and meaning we find in the important people around us, plays a key role in influencing us. One of the greatest predictors of happiness is the quality of connections to our family and friends. However, with every relationship comes conflicts and challenges, whether it is due to finances, work stress, miscommunications, or coping with physical or mental illness. Resolving these conflicts can be difficult and lead to problems becoming chronic. When we are constantly in conflict with our loved ones, this can directly affect our mental health, self-esteem, productivity and overall life satisfaction.

Investment in our family relationships can help us live longer lives. Even the best families can go through difficult times and desire a resource to help them overcome and be better than ever. Family therapy, including couple therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that is designed to provide a space for the family to solve problems, resolve conflicts and develop the skills to communicate and connect with each other.

When to see a Family Therapist

  • Significant communication breakdowns/ finding it harder to communicate with each other

  • Conflicts that appear unresolvable between family members (e.g., sibling conflict, parent-child conflict) 

  • Difficulties coping as a family

  • Family member withdrawing from family life

  • Family member experiencing caregiver stress

  • Adjustment when transitioning to new developmental life stages (e.g., adjusting to teenage years, dealing with the child's transition to adulthood)

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