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Frequently Asked Questions

Intensive Outpatient Program vs. Outpatient Intervention vs. Inpatient Hospitalisation - What’s the difference?

Inpatient treatment often involves hospitalisation. It is usually reserved for severe cases and require meeting strict criteria for admission. Outpatient intervention typically involves seeing a clinician on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly  basis for an hour or 2. Our program lies somewhere between inpatient hospitalisation and outpatient treatment, where clients will come in on weekdays to participate in therapeutic activities throughout the day without staying the night. 


Ultimately, our program aims to provide greater access to structured and consistent care and support, while participants re-learn healthy eating habits in a social setting to recover from their eating disorders. 

Is my child/am I eligible?

To check eligibility, you can schedule an appointment with our clinic and go through a program pre-screening that will be conducted by our clinicians. After the screening, the clinician will inform you if you or your child is suitable for the program and if not what other courses of action can be taken. To schedule the appointment, you can contact us or +65 6250 8077. 

How long does the program last?

The ideal duration of attendance for the program is 4-6 weeks. However, a minimum commitment of 2 weeks is a prerequisite. Subsequently, participants can extend their participation status on a weekly basis based on professional assessment. Participation can commence anytime during the week.

Are family members/caregivers involved?

Whilst carers play a crucial role in the recovery process, they will not be involved in daily program activities. Should you wish to hear feedback, you can arrange for a consultation.

What if I'm only interested in certain modules / attending half-day?

Please contact us via our clinic email or telephone, or submit an enquiry through our form for one of our coordinators to get back to you. Accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

For Enquiries and to learn more about the program...

Please complete the form below for one of our program coordinators to speak with you.

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