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Vanessa Heng 

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Master of Clinical Psychology

Registered Psychologist (SRP, AHPRA)

Vanessa is a clinical psychologist by training and is experienced working with individuals across ages in both Singapore and Australia. She has worked in various environments including in- and out-patient psychiatric settings, community, schools, and in private practice.


Vanessa appreciates the individuality of experiences– recognising how intricate interactions between an individual and their world, shape and maintain the way one engages with it. This guides the therapy that she offers to collaboratively explore and understand one’s lived experience.


Her approach is integrative, and draws largely from attachment and trauma-informed lens to support individuals who are grappling with mood issues, anxiety, trauma, as well as conflicting internal processes masked as characterological difficulties.


Being passionate about working with children and adolescents, and a special interest in childhood trauma, Vanessa recognises the importance of being attuned to the individual. She believes in building a safe and secure relationship for one to express his/her feelings, as well as engaging the child’s system to understand and meet his/her needs at home and in school.


Vanessa is also adept in conducting psychological and psychoeducational assessments to identify behavioural and learning needs, such as but not limited to personality traits, impulsivity and inattention, intellectual disabilities, giftedness, and learning disorders.

Contact Us to find out more about how Vanessa can support you in your journey 

+65 6250 8077

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