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Dr Kamini Rajaratnam

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist 

MRCPsych (RCPsych, United Kingdom)


Dr. Kamini Rajaratnam is a passionate and patient-centered psychiatrist with 12 years of experience. She is committed to providing compassionate, holistic and evidence-based care to her patients.

She graduated with an MBBS degree from the National University of Singapore and obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK). She is an accredited psychiatrist with the Specialist Accreditation Board, Ministry of Health Singapore and a registered psychiatrist with the Singapore Medical Council. She is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT), Mindful Motherhood program, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), the Bringing Baby Home program by the Gottman Institute and is a member of Postpartum Support International.

She practised for 12 years as a medical doctor in the general medical, surgical and psychiatry departments of several public hospitals (National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and Alexandra Hospital) before practising as a psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Through the course of her career, she has gained extensive experience treating patients in the inpatient wards, forensic wards, outpatient clinic, child and adolescent clinic, emergency department and high dependency unit at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Here, she noticed that there were patients who needed more than psychotropic drugs to facilitate their recovery. Thus, she set off on a journey to expand her armamentarium and create a unique evidence-based practice to address her patients’ concerns.

She trained in mindfulness-based therapies, nutritional psychiatry and nutritional and environmental medicine and learned that a plethora of other issues can contribute to and perpetuate mental illness. Through this she is able to curate a treatment plan that incorporates holistic aspects into the traditional psychiatric treatment plan. This plan prioritises your wellness and working with not just you, but the allies in your life to put you on the road to recovery. YOU will always be in the driver’s seat of your recovery journey.

She is especially passionate about perinatal psychiatry and loves to work with women facing emotional issues during and after pregnancy. 1 in 7 women suffer from postnatal depression and 80% of women experience mood disturbances in the postpartum period. 20% of women experience mood disturbances during pregnancy. As a mother, the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood resonate only too well with her. She has made it her mission to guide mothers who are facing emotional difficulties or on the brink of burnout, to make the changes necessary to reach their optimal health and functioning. She’s certified in the Mindful Motherhood programme and Bringing Baby Home programme and she uses these powerful tools in combination with other interventions and medication when necessary.  If you have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed, experiencing mood disturbances, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and fatigue, there is help available. Don’t lose hope. You are not alone, you are not to blame and with help you WILL feel better. Take the first step to getting better and schedule a consultation.

Contact Us to find out more about how Dr. Kamini can support you in your journey 

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