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Grace Wong

Associate Psychologist 

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology 

Member of the British Psychological Society

Singapore Psychological Society Associate Membership

Grace Wong graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Bachelors of Psychology (Hons), where she completed her thesis on Dyslexia. 


During her studies, Grace noted the importance of research, notably its application to furthering future practices and clinical tools. Upon finishing university, she has also gained clinical work experience in Singapore and has worked to support various clients. Collectively, this has formed the basis of her clinical foundation and has inspired her to pursue her future studies in Australia, with hopes of her attaining her PhD. Her current interests are anxiety, depression, geriatrics, and neurodevelopmental disorders.


As a child, she grew up in various places ranging from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and London. This gave her a profound sense of appreciation for various cultures. Given her upbringing, Grace is able to use her multicultural perspective to create a safe space and provide personalized support tailored to the client. 


Beyond her passion for clinical work, Grace finds joy in connecting and giving back to the community. In Hong Kong, she created an Art project for Refugee and Asylum seeker youth. Whilst teaching art, her team also raised money for the children’s respective families. In her off time, she also enjoys painting, playing sports and has started to learn sign language. 

Contact Us to find out more about how Grace can support you in your journey 

+65 6250 8077

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